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Matsuoka Yuki
08 November 2013 @ 03:30 pm

Here I would like to renew my Journal… New Introduction post… and many more… START!

Ok… Hello there to the one who reading this… I appreciates it when you read this. Urm, what should I say… Oh yeah… I will get to the point… This Journal consist of my writings that I had writes so far. Not much of it though since I’m a newbie. Started writing last year (2013) at/before Yamada Ryosuke 20th birthday.

90% of this Journal will be only YutoYama/YamaJima pairs that I writes only since I’m a die-hard-fans of this two pair. Meanwhile, 10% is for other pairing like YabuNoo, TaDaiki, YamaChii, TakaNoo, OkaJima, HikaBu, HikaTo, TakaChii, and ChiiTaro. They’ll only be few of this pairing only.

I really really really appreciates to everyone’s that had reading my cranky/crappy FanFictions.. I hope you can bare with me since there are tons of grammatical errors here and there.. and take note, English Language is not my mother language.

And here..

Since I always F-LOCKED my FanFiction, from now on, I’ll not F-LOCKED it anymore so that you all can read my writings so far.. and about Adding Friends, it’s will be the same as always.. it’s not hard just to introduce yourself below right? And, feel free to talks with me since I like talking..

FanFic Index

Let’s getting well in this JUMP WORLD!

I’m not that choosy person but sometimes my mood will changes and that’s how I become a choosy person.. sorry m(_ _)m .. But, worry not.. I’ll changes it so that I’ll not become a choosy person.. Bleah, if it’s true..Girls, boys, older, younger or whatever, I don’t mind to be friends with you.. No matter whose your Ichiban, Otp or what group you like, we’re still have a same similarity.. and you all knows what is it..


Oh, and before I forget, your comment motivated me.. it’s give me the will and spirits to keep on continued writings.. so, I hope you all can give me comment and with that I’ll smiles like idiot all day.. XD

So far, I think that’s all.. Just a short Introduction post of mine.. Hope we can be a real friends who LOVES JUMP in the future. Waiting for that time to come..

Thank You..

With Love Yuuki Nanaka

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Matsuoka Yuki
07 April 2018 @ 06:52 pm
I'm back after a full of two years and a half of going hiatus and missing!!!! I am still writing but my HSJ story had gone perished!! My lappy was broke in half!! And now, I can't recover hndreds of my draft!! I am writing a FF about EXO and BTS right now. Huh, time really flew so fast. I just hope I can continue with my story here.
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Matsuoka Yuki
12 June 2016 @ 05:12 am
Title: Café Latte Love (REWRITTEN)
Author: Matsuoka Yuki
Pairing: YutoYama(Main), OkaChii(Side)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: Yuto and Ryosuke are not acquaintances nor friends. The two are just stranger that without knowing fall in love towards each other. Believing that they are straight and not someone that would foolishly fall in love with a GUY, they’re friends struggling to help the two to go out and make things clear between them. What will happen when the two of them had clear things out? Will they be together or remain as friend?
Disclaimer: Hey! Say! JUMP belongs to Johnny’s Entertainment.
A/N: Special thanks to
ryosukekoibito for making the banner!

“Must be the person he had crushed on…” He murmured as huge grins are on his lips. “This can be my black mailing towards him?” He thought. “On second thought, maybe that’s not a good move.” He said as he just let the idea of black mailing his best friend as a joking slip away from his mind and continue with his works.Collapse )

It's been a long time since I post my FF here. Like two and a half year. It's like I'm abandoning it but trust me I am not abandoning it. It's just I'm busy with my assignment right now since I'm literally a Pra-University student already and this is my Final year, Sem 3. Ok, enough with it. This is my new installment of FF and this is the NEW VERSION  of my FF called Cafe Latte Love. And if you look closely, my writing style had change also (But still had error here and there. My grammar! TT_TT). I really hope you like this new FF with new writing style and new version of CLL! Don't forget to leave a comment, 'kay. Will be so happy if I can get a comment after a long time. ^v^

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Matsuoka Yuki
01 June 2016 @ 11:54 am

Hye everyone... (·︿· `) Huh... My life had been so hectic lately. It just won't go the way like I want it to be. And just recently, my beloved grandmother had passed away... May God always bless you there grandma and I love you. ( *´︶`*) And just so you know, yes, I'm in my hiatus mood. Sorry for not telling you all a little earlier. ( •́ε•̀ )

I'm hiatus here but at wattpad, I'm active there (with EXO ff). My idea for EXO ff was pouring out of my mind but for HSJ, it's just won't come out (are you shy to come out?)(╬ ˘̀^˘́ ). The Muse won't come for me I think. Maybe it'll come out later.ฅ^•ω•^ฅ

And for anyone who had wattpad acc, please do follow me there. My name is SayTheName_SVT17.

So, everyone, plase do not worry about me. I will make a comeback someday and update my FF together with my new writing style(╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞. Also, I miss talking with some of the author and the commentor. ( ˘•ω•˘ ;)

Hope to see you all soon.  ✧*。( ´∩•͈ω•͈∩` )✧*。

Lot of Love,

Matsuoka Yuki
16 August 2015 @ 10:22 pm

Hey guys.. It's been a long time..I just want to informed that I'll used this Journal back.. I'll also used the other journal for my anime fanfiction.. I'll try to update/rewrite my ff about HSJ.. Soon..  Glad to meet u all again!!

Matsuoka Yuki
04 October 2014 @ 10:12 pm

Title: Just For You~
Author:Of course Me (Yuuki-chan~)
Pairing:YutoYama, TakaYama
Genre:School-life, AU, Fluff, Angst??
Summary:Ryosuke had been like his teacher and Yuto decided to help his childhood best friend. But, can Yuto endure his own feeling that had been attached with Ryosuke for a long time that never been aware by Ryosuke? How will Yuto fight with his own feeling?

Chapter 3Collapse )

Comment are always welcome ♥
Please comment 'kay~ (●´ω`●)

Matsuoka Yuki
Title: Yoru Wa Hoshi Wo Nagemete Okure
Author: yuukinanaka10
Pairing: YutoYama
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Romance
Type: OneShot

Yoru Wa Hoshi Wo Nagemete OkureCollapse )

Thanks for reading...
I just finish this for one day today... (╯⊙ ω ⊙╰ )
I'm tired already...
Well, whatever... It's my Ichiban OTP so I'll finish it...
Enjoy reading! (●´ω`●)
Comment are welcome! ♥

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Matsuoka Yuki
14 September 2014 @ 09:52 pm
Title: Cafe Latte Love
Author: Of course me (Yuuki-chan~)
Pairing: YutoYama, OkaChii
Rating: PG
Genre: Friendship, Fluff, Romance
Summary: Bitter and sweet of our love~ That's the begin of our love story~

-Café 14-

Yuto is now at his own room thinking about Ryosuke and their contract. Only 1 weeks until they contract is dead. To be told the truth, he doesn't want to break nor seperate from him. His heart already attached with the cute chubby guy. His sweet voice, the tasted of the kiss that they shared together, the warmth of Ryosuke's body against him. All of it still fresh on his head. "Ryo-chan..." the name suddenly slipped out from his mouth. He really missed the latter. How can he lived if he and Ryosuke doesn't have any relation anymore? What will happen towards him? He don't want that to happen. He knows, he really love him with all his heart. He clasped his chest with his right hand while the other one resting on his head. Thinking about something.


"Let me say this clearly Rika." Currently, while Yuto was on his room, his parents are talking with his fiancee, Rika. "What it is, Aunt?" She said with her gleaming cutey eyes ever. True that she was pretty and there's no way any guy will not attracted with her. With her slender body, attracted blue eyes and her long straight hair, there is no way guy will not attracted with her. But not for Yuto. He doesn't attracted with her even though the girl already make many move to make the guy fall for her, it's pointless. "We want to cancel the contract about you and our Yuto." Yuto's mother said while handing her the contract. "Eh?" She was taken aback with the statement. "You're lying right?" She tilted her head to the side. The women in front of her shook her head. "Apparently not. We're saying the truth. This is for the best for our Yuto. We don't want to look at the fragile Yuto. It hurt us. We know what you doing with him. Treating him and make him as your slaves. We can't hold it anymore. So, please. Get out from this house as fast as you can." Yuto's mother said while palming her faces. The girl want to protest when suddenly her hand bag flying towards her and collide with her chest.

"Just get out from here. It's make me want to throw up just looking at your ugly face." Raiya who just come down from the second floor with the girl bag case spat at her. He really hate and despise her. From the first time he meet his brother-soon-fiancee, he knows that the girl is not a good one. Just a demon who wear a human mask. He felt relieve after what he had done for his brother sake when he told his parents about what that girl done to Yuto. Rika felt that their are lowering her prides. She felt ashamed. But, as the only daughter in Zaizen clan, she will not let this kind of problem go just like that. She was the only child and she will take over her families company in the futures. "Well, you have know about my true self, it's pointless to acting like before." She said while crossing her hand in front of her chest. "Yeah, you know. Your son really get into my nerves. He the only guys that always ignores me. It irritates me." She says while giving them a glare.

She stand from her sit and take all her bag case before Yuto coming down from his room. He was clueless when he saw the girl that he hate the most bring all her thing. She saw him and a smirk shows on her faces. "I warn you one thing though. Listen here carefully Yutti~ I'll make sure that oneday the person who loves you will suffering. That's my promised towards you. Or rather a curse that I gave towards you." She said while chuckling. The other member of Nakajima's family already feels they body fired up with the each words that came out from her mouth. "Ja, this is my promised." Yuto said walking closer towards her. "I'll make sure that you can't lay even a finger towards them. Not until I'm dead."

He said in a menacing voices. He look down towards the girls since she was short than Yuto. "And just to say, the one who will be suffering is you. Prepare yourself Zaizen Rika-san." Yuto mocked her while she have a disgust look that are shows on her faces. "I'll remember all of this." She said and storming out from the house.

A smiles of winning showing on Nakajima's family. They felt relieve. "That's really man-like of you Yuto-nii." Raiya said while giving a light punch on his chest. Yuto smiled towards them. "I don't know that you can be like that son." His father tapped Yuto's right shoulder. Yuto smiles upon hearing it from his father mouth's. "Thanks dad. Its just, I still don't want to show about my true self to anybody yet." Yuto said. With that, Yuto had now become free from the hands of Zaizen Rika. He felts so happy after what had happen that day. But, will her give up just like that or will she come back to take a revenge towards Yuto oneday? That is something that he should aware of.


"So, what is it your problem that you want me to hear?" Daiki said, crossing his hand in front of his cheat while leaning on the wall. Takaki seems hesitated before he speaks. "I... Actually I have been like..." Takaki trailed off, don't know how to say it in front of Daiki. Meanwhle Daiki felt nervous wheb Takaki didn't finished hs words. He like someone? But who? Is it me? Daiki thought while still looking at the older in front of him. "I have like..." Daiki pissed off with it that he cut. "Just say whoever is it!" Takaki look at him. "I like Ryosuke!" He shouts and that enough to make Daiki hearts shattered into pieces. A moment ago, he felts extremely happy thought that Takaki would confess to him. But it just a merely dreams for him.

"I'm such an idiot to think that he will confess towards me." Daiki chuckles after that. Takaki look at him. He felts Daiki is making fun of him. "What so funny?" He ask amd Daiki look up towards him. "Iiya. Just can't believe the high and almighty Takaki Yuya have fallen in love with a kid." Takaki scowled. "He's not a kid anymore okay?" Daiki frowned. "What do you mean by anymore? Its like you have known him for a long time already." He asked and that's when he saw a glimsped of hatred were on Takaki faces. He looked at the wide sky after. Daiki felt stranges when Takaki act like that. "Ah, I have known him for a long time already. Since that fateful day..." Takaki says and that just make Daiki more confuse. He want to ask but the look on Takaki faces make him forget about aaking it. He knew its not a good memories for both him and Ryosuke.

"So, back to the topic. Why did you tell me that you like him instead of confess towards him straight on?" Daiki ask changing the topic. Takaki look down and his gazes meets with Daiki. "I know this is kind of embarassing but can you gives me an advice on how to confess towards him?" Takaki says and after a moment pass, no reaction from the younger. "Daiki?" He call before a laughter filled up his sense of hearing. Daiki was laughing for the first time in front if him. Its kind of amusing for him though. "What's so funny penguin?" Takaki scowled again. Daiki stop laughing before glares at him. He smirks and make the 'hmm' sound before turning and walk away from there. "Oii!" Takaki shouts. "Just confess already and don't make a wrong a moves! Hurry and tell him or someone will snatched him from you!"

Daiki yelled while facing his back towards Takaki. He make a small waves before going inside the building again and leaving Takaki alone on the rooftop. He closed the door behind him and leaning his weight in the door frames. "Kuso... is it this hurt to know that someone you have been like for ages like someone else? If I know it's hurt like hell, I'll never fall in love again." Daiki said as a droplets of tears escaped his eyes. He wipe away the tears with his sleeves and started to descend the stairs. Meanwhile Takaki, he clutched his shirt where his heart are located. It's pounding so fast. Something make his heart beating like hell or rather someone. "What is this feeling? Why I feels something is not right? Is it because of the penguin? I don't think so... right?" He talked to himself while Daiki's faces suddenly appear in his mind. He immediately shook his head. He began to walked towards the door to check on Ryosuke. "I hope penguin still there..." he murmured lowly and began to descend the stairs.

*End of Café 14*
Matsuoka Yuki
07 July 2014 @ 10:42 pm

Title: Just For You~
Author: Of course Me (Yuuki-chan~)
Pairing: YutoYama, TakaYama
Genre: School-life, AU, Fluff, Angst??
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Ryosuke had been like his teacher and Yuto decided to help his childhood best friend. But, can Yuto endure his own feeling that had been attached with Ryosuke for a long time that never been aware by Ryosuke? How will Yuto fight with his own feeling?

“Here...” Yuto gives him a hot Chocó to warmth his body. “Ah, arigatou Yuto.” Ryosuke take it from Yuto’s hand and take sip. Yuto go to his room and wear his uniform. Meanwhile, Ryosuke just sit at the couch while waiting for Yuto when Yuto’s brother come.Collapse )

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Matsuoka Yuki
07 July 2014 @ 10:26 pm

Title: A one-sided Love

Pairings: YutoYama, TakaYama

Genre: Angst, Romance, Crack, Comfort

Rating: PG-15

Summary: After 5 years didn't meet with his first love, Nakajima Yuto came back to Japan with his first class honored in businesses world from United Kingdom. He missed his lover, Yamada Ryosuke so much. But to his surprise, Ryosuke had been with someone else and officially engaged with their senpai from high school year, Takaki Yuya. How will their love end?

A One-Sided Love

Ryosuke wakes up when a tender touch caressing his faces. He adjusting the sight when he saw Nakajima Yuto faces are there greeting him with a tenderly smiles that he had been longed for. The smile that always makes his heart melts just by looking at it. The smile that makes the two of them tied a knotted between their relationships. It was all because of that smiles.Collapse )
Ok…hope you all enjoy…
I promised that I’ll make more scenes for our YutoYama…
Just wait for next chapter…

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